So Many Shoes...

... so little space in my suitcase.

I'm packing for a trip out West (that's right, readers, you'll have to do without me for a week and a half) and having a major shoe dilemma. You see, I'm not the type who can just pack sneakers and black flats and call it a day. Each outfit requires appropriate coordinated footwear. And by appropriate I mean perfect and super cute. So far I have it narrowed down to six pairs. Is that excessive for a 10 day trip? I could try to choose between the Crocs and the Birkenstocks but I want to make sure I fit in with all the hippies. Or I could pick either the cross trainers or the Pumas, but athletic "hiking through the woods" sneakers are not the same as urban "sporting around town" sneakers. I'm wearing the aforementioned black flats to a family wedding so I can't leave them behind. And one thing's for sure... I am not going without my gold disco wedge heels. They are essential.

Okay, six it is then.