I (Heart) My iPod

One of my favourite things about my iPod is the shuffle songs feature - 22 GB of random goodness! Many a morning on my way to work it's caught me off guard with a wicked song that had fallen out of my regular rotation. Then there's the songs that I never really noticed in the first place because they're buried deep within albums that I don't listen to so much or just haven't really got to know yet.

Burning Paper - Folk Implosion
Headache - Frank Black
Think of Me - Good Riddance
Broken Bubble - Ten Foot Pole
Spun - Babes In Toyland
Out on the Wing - Superchunk
Hand In Pants - Gaunt
High Ya! - Supersuckers
The Real You - Dance Hall Crashers
Fuel - Pulley
Reception Fades - Rise Against
Doin' the Cockroach - Modest Mouse
Action & Action - The Get Up Kids
Above the Clouds - Gang Starr
Love and Happiness - Al Green
May Queen - Liz Phair
Off the Wall - Michael Jackson
Automatic Teller - New Bomb Turks

P.S. Sometimes it freaks me out how much Modest Mouse can sound like the Pixies.


Mat-E said...

Nice. Burning Paper = best Folk Implosion tune ever. Shuffle is highly suspect to me, as it often plays the same artist twice or 3 times in a row, but it also manages to nail the perfect tune at the perfect time, often. A few weeks ago I was humming Telepathic Traffic (Loaf) all day, couldn't get it out of my head. I got in the car after work, fired up the iPod on shuffle, and it plays Telepathic Traffic, right off the top. This has happened a few times...perhaps there is more artificial intelligence in there than Apple lets on?

Gillian said...

I hear that. One time shuffle played a Pixies tune, followed by Frank Black, followed by The Breeders. And another time an old friend from university popped into my head and shuffle immediately played '93 Til Infinity. Spooky.

Now Telepathic Traffic is in my head!