Eventful Walk To The Store

I just walked to the variety store for some Canadian Idol snacks. I know, the show pales in comparison to its American counterpart but I just can't resist the awful, delusional warblers that turn out for auditions.

Anyway, the store is just at the end of my block. Literally, five doors down. But it was the most eventful trip. First, I stepped out the door to be confronted by a pair of feet directly in front of me at eye level. Some extremely drunk guy was standing on top of a mailbox calling out to a racoon on a telephone pole. I quickly moved away so as not to be the one to break his inevitable fall. Then, I got to the store and Nubs was there. She was just hanging out front of the 7-11 talking to some friends about last night's party. It was like a mini celebrity sighting. She's so punk. By the time I got back to my building the drunk had drawn a crowd. He was trying to coax the racoon down with a piece of cantaloupe. Don't know where he got the fruit, or why he felt a racoon would want to eat it, but there were pieces of cantaloupe smashed all over the sidewalk. And there was some annoying, ditsy blonde ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how cute the little racoon was. Yeah, cute like rabies.

P.S. Is the talent pool in Canada really so shallow? Canadian Idol is putting through the suckiest singers.