Elephant Killers

Imagine if a circus came to a small town in Southern Ontario. Not just any circus, but a world famous circus starring an exceptionally huge and beloved african elephant. The circus sets up and parades it's animals around town and whatnot. Children of all ages are thrilled and amazed. And in the course of action the reknowned giant elephant gets hit by a train. Killed dead.

What do you think this small town would do?

Well, first they'd take a triumphant photo of themselves with their kill. Just look at the pride on the engineer's face sitting up there at the top.


Then, 100 years later the town would probably build a giant monument to commemorate the unneccesary and careless killing.

St Thomas_009b

St Thomas_013

And to top it all off, the town would think it best to situate the monument on the edge of town facing inward, so all visitors are warmly welcomed by its life-sized giant african elephant ass.

Not only is this a true story of a real town, but it is the town from whence my family came. How's that for heritage?


steph said...

why on earth was the elephant on the railway tracks? you are from a wacky town miss gillian!

Gillian said...

I know! And couldn't the engineer see him soon enough to stop? It is a freakin' giant elephant after all!

Also feel I must clarify... this happened in the town where my parents are from, but I'm not actually from there. So I'm just wacky once removed.

Guest of Erin said...

You probably don't know this, but I have a full Jumbo Shrine in my office. The photo you have on the blog, a huge article, and every piece of Jumbo junko that you could buy in the gift shop at the statue! One more crazy fact to add to your collection: if you take a map of Ontario and rotate it 90' with Windsor facing north, you will see and elephant - and the heart is St. Thomas.
dodododo dodododo dodododo

Love ya - Dawna

Gillian said...

I must see that shrine!!