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Once again The Falcons are gearing up for the annual Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone.

I'm feeling a little less smug about the whole fundraising competition this time around considering I failed to raise the most pledges on my team last year. But I don't really view it as a failure on my part so much as a failure on your part, my faithful readers, for not pledging enough money. So here's your chance to make amends. Click here to make a secure online donation and a tax receipt will be sent to you by email.

Be warned - we plan on taking a more aggressive approach this year in an effort to cross the finish line before the closing ceremonies. That means starting with the main pack instead of waiting for it to thin out and walking at a consistent, if not brisk, pace. It is in this way the The Falcons will pay homage to its mascot, the mighty and majestic tiger. Grrr!

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Go Falcons!
The team for people who are cool.