News I Can't Talk About

So I know at least one of my loyal readers is dying of suspense due to my previous hinting around "unrelated news that I can't yet talk about here." Well, your wait is over, here's the news... my SISTER is PREGNANT!!

That's right, Erin and Mark are expecting their first child, first grandchild for my parents. It's really early so we were going to try to keep it under wraps for a couple months but word is out now so I might as well share. In fact, Erin has started a new blog to follow the experience - sticky baby.

Wow, the news hasn't really sunk in yet. Probably won't until I actually see Erin's belly growing. I'm going to be an aunt! I love my sisters so much I can't even imagine what it will be like to meet my sister's baby and be a part of his/her life. Erin and Mark are going to be such good parents. Yay!


steph said...

Congrats auntie Gillian! Awesome news! I actually just got back from the hospital - my best friend Kylie had a baby girl tonight. Way to go procreators!! Better you guys than me ;)