The New Season Begins

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and spring flowers are starting to break through the cold ground. Know what that means? A new season of antiquing is almost upon us!

A number of people have said to me recently, "You have to take me antiquing this summer!" So, friends, grab a pen and paper and write down these dates...

These are just the big ones, of course (I'm not about to give away all my secrets). As far as I'm concerned the season starts and ends with Aberfoyle. But before you ask to tag along for that one, better read this post. Hope to bump into you on the field, though.


Erin said...

Ha! I think you better also warn people that the "same pace" you and mom and kelly move it is EXTREMELY, CRAWLING SLOW (oh, look at this, oh and this, oh and this, oh and this, oh and this.....). And that once they are there, they can't get away. Trapped. For the day. At Aberfoyle. When they're done in 25 minutes. *shudder*