Best. Wedding. Ever.

Yesterday was the big event, Matt and Saira got married, and the day could not have been a more perfect tribute and reflection of thier personalities. The ceremony was short but heartfelt and included a blend of religion, culture and family. Saira was quite possibly the most stunningly beautiful bride in the history of matrimony and Matt was cool, calm and confident.


Then there was the reception. It was a night of interesting people, meaningful conversations and sentimental memories lubricated with delicious food and wine and culminating in the most base-pumping, booty-shaking dance floor the National Club has even seen.


If I wasn't so painfully tired today, I'd go on about the little details and behind-the-scenes action - the arthouse porno pre-wedding photos, the slipping dress straps, wedding haikus, Sea of Nuts, dancing in bare feet. But as it is, I'll just cut to the end of the evening (morning?) which wrapped in true Matt and Saira style with a bleary-eyed trip to King Palace for the second feast of the evening.


Congratulations, Saira and Matty!