Yes, I'm Still Here

10 days without a post! That's the longest I've ever gone. I'm such a bad blogger these days, but I do have a reasonable excuse. This is Week One of the NEW JOB!

It's been a rollercoaster ride so far. On the first day, everything was very new and exciting - a whirlwind of faces and names. Day Two was a bit overwhelming - so much information to absorb! By the end of the day my head was spinning and I had crazy work-related dreams all night. But then today was much better. Basically because I took everyone's advice and relaxed, understanding that it will take time to learn everything. I can just cram it all into my head in the first week.

Anyway, the people all seem really smart, talented and fun to be around, especially my immediate team.

So what will Day Four be like? Well, it'll be a half-day because I'll be leaving early to head to VEGAS!! That's right, my second trip to Vegas in about four months. Funny how it's worked out. Without going into detail, some serious shit went down in my life right after my last trip to Vegas. And now, as my next trip approaches, some really fabulous things have been happening. I got new job and some unrelated news that I can't yet talk about here (ha ha, now you're curious again). All in all, a very emotional few months bookended by a couple of wicked weekends in Sin City.

Until next week...


steph said...

hey jill! hurry up and write a new post please. you are killing me with the "unrelated news that you can't yet talk about"!! you know i have no life - don't do this to me... hope all is well with the new job! - steph ;)