Vegas, Baby!

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas... where do I even begin? We missed our connecting flight and spent the first night with Saira's cousin in Montreal. No worries though, cause we more than made up for lost time once we arrived in Sin City. We gorged ourselves at buffets (mmm, crab legs), not to mention the early morning (late night?) breakfasts at Barbary Coast. As four hot women celebrating Saira's final days of singledom, we didn't have to pay cover anywhere and drew many passing comments. We even kept track. "Hey Ladies" took the lead closely followed by "Woo Hoo!", "Yeow!" and "Damn!" We took in some burlesque and an impromptu (and unwelcome) live sex show at the clubs. We boogied down and backed that thing up until Sudeshna's flight on Sunday morning. Even managed to squeeze in some shopping, gambling and makeovers.

The pictures speak for themselves. Couldn't even come close to picking my favourites, you'll just have to see them all.