So ever since my last post you've been dying to know what's going on in my life, right? You're wondering, "What are these monumental changes of which she speaks?" Well, my loyal fans, the wait is over. I can finally tell you - I GOT A NEW JOB!!

Of course, this will be monumentally anticlimactic to you, my loyal fans, because you (all four or five of you) know me in real life and heard the entire interview play-by-play from day one. You already know that I celebrated by going shopping for new clothes and then drinking and dancing at a very cheesy club. You already know what my title will be and that it's a big company with lots of employees. You already know that the office is downtown and the company's name is on the top of it. You already know that it's the right job at the right time and I'm super happy about it.

Damn good thing too, cause there's no way I'm talking about it here. You should have seen the confidentiality agreements I had to sign!


Mat-E said...

Yeah, we know...big company, lots of employees, name on the top of the building...So is it the McDonald's at Queen and Spadina, or the one in the Eaton centre? Ha, kidding, congrats again! Let me know if Company X has any use for burnt out automotive engineers. Mail room maybe?