Craft Marathon

Normally, when the desire to create strikes me, I obsess over my projects for a short period of time and quickly work it out of my system. But this time the crafty phase is lasting an extraordinarily long time. I've completed loads of projects in the last two months (I didn't even post all the Christmas gifts I made) and my fingers are still itching to make more. Whenever I get in this mood I always end up brainstorming over ways to turn my craft obsession into a full time job. Problem is, my real full time job earns a decent paycheck. Crafts... not so much. And although I love to make things, I like money too.

Anyway, here's another super cute (and kinda weird) stuffed animal from my Japanese craft book. I especially like the jaunty neckerchief.



Mat-E said...

This shit is so cool. A 3D cartoon world entirely of Jilly's making. Blue fuzzy space-dog. Hydranty thing. Jade pitcher. Brilliant.