Oh, Christmas Tree

My sisters came over yesterday to help me put up Christmas decorations. The tree is particularly spectacular. I added eight vintage ornaments to my collection over the summer.


But while my sisters agree that the tree is retro-fabulous, they were somewhat offended that I chose not to display my childhood ornaments. I argued that they just didn't go with the theme. Case in point...


What the hell is this thing? A cat? A dog? A lamb? And what does it have to do with Christmas?

One thing I'll say, it is very consistent with my family's long-standing tradition of bizarre ornaments (I challenge you to show me another Christmas skunk), but that's a story for another time.


Anonymous said...

A Christmas skunk, hah! How about a Christmas potato! And as far as that cute little red thing goes, just don't let Nonna know that YOU don't know what it is. All she cared was that it was your favourite colour. Gotta luv your family history!