2005: The Year In Review

So, here it is. The year-end wrap-up. What can I say about 2005? Well, without going into too much personal detail, it was probably the worst year of my life and yet I'm happier than I have been in years. Looking back over the last 12 months, there are definitely highlights. Not so much events but themes that coloured the year and significantly contributed to my happiness...

2005 was the year of music.
About seven months ago, I cancelled my cable in favour of music. As a result, I rediscovered the local music scene, revisisted the dusty corners of my collection and renewed my appreciation of vinyl (thanks, in part, to a kick-ass turntable from Mom and Dad's storage locker). NOFX, The Constantines and controller.controller were the standout shows of the year.

2005 was the year of DIY projects.
From the yet-to-be-finished quilt, custom jewelry and the shelf project, to sock monkeys, christmas ornaments and my newfound love of vintage embroidery, this year had to be my most productive yet. I also found an online world of new-school crafting that has provided enough inspiration to keep me busy through 2006.

2005 was the year of antiques.
OK, I was always into antiques but this was the year I became fully addicted. Aberfoyle was fun, as always. Added Christie to the roster. Branched out into country auctions and discovered new hidden gem antique stores. The best part was cruising around the southern Ontario countryside in the summer, at one with my roots.

2005 was the year of friends and family.
I reconnected with old friends, strengthened bonds with current friends and spent much quality time with family. My bestest friend got engaged to a woman who is quickly becoming a new bestest friend. Doesn't get much better than that.