The Magical Third Listen

You know how it is when you get a new album?

The first listen is interesting, but it's hard to process - a lot of riffs and snatches of melody that don't always seem to relate to one another. More often than not, the first listen is disappointing, especially if the album is by a favourite band.

On the second listen things start to mesh. Exceptional pieces of music begin to stand out and catch your attention. Your ear starts to pick out the layers and subtleties and you realize there's more there than you initially thought.

Then you listen to the album for the third time and it all magically clicks into place. The band sounds tight. Each song takes on a distinct personality and as one ends you anticipate the beginning of the next. You sing along. You crank up the volume and disturb the neighbours. It suddenly becomes your new favourite album. You think, "How does a band rock this hard?"

Anyway, I just listened to Lagwagon, Resolve for the third time.


Mat-E said...

Usually takes me four or five. It's especially effective if listen #3 or 4 is performed while wearing a green sweater, if ya know what I'm sayin'. It's particularly cool when that magic third listen happens after the album has sat on your shelf for a year cause you didn't like it after listen #1 (e.g. Flashing Lights - Sweet Release and R.E.M. - Reveal, for me).

Gillian said...

You know what I'm talking about, Mat-E. And I hear you on the long delayed third listen, Constantines, Shine A Light in my case.