Too Much Interweb

The interweb is not what it used to be. At least not to me. I remember surfing around and not finding much to hold my interest - a few travel sites, some cool indie labels, the Onion, eBay. But now that this whole blogging thing has hit the mainstream, it's like there's been an explosion of content online. Not just the blog content itself, but also the crazy and obscure links that bloggers dig up. So now I have the opposite problem... it's too much! Sometimes, I feel like I could just crawl inside my laptop and happily live out my days clicking around social networking sites, watching hilarious fake movie trailers and listening to MP3s. There's so much information, so much happening and changing every minute and I want to be on top of it all! How does a person do that and still maintain a life offline? Despite my dedication to my blog, I prefer the real world and I'm really not interested in making any virtual friends. But on the flip-side, my inner nerd starts to get restless if she feels like she's missing out. Where do I draw the line?