500 is the Magic Number

Since cancelling my cable and acquiring a turntable, I'm all about the music. And so, I've recently become obsessed with rock critic blogs. Consider my penchant for lists and it's no surprise that I've become super-obsessed with top song lists on rock critic blogs. Seems like 100 just doesn't cut it any more. All the cool kids have 500 lists - 500 favourite songs, 500 songs probably haven't heard, Rolling Stone 500 vs Blender 500 - you get the idea.

It's got me all fired up. Through these lists I've rediscovered songs I haven't thought about in years. I now have a lengthy list of themes for future podcasts (that's right, it's coming). But do I dare attempt my own 500? It could be an extremely time consuming proposition considering it takes me about a day to compile an awesome mixed tape. I might have to quit my job.