Summer of Guns

What's up with all the gun violence in T.O. this summer? It used to be just the occasional shooting reported on the evening news. But recently, it seems that every morning I wake up, turn on the radio and hear about another shooting. Then last night there was gunfire in my neighbourhood, right behind my condo.

I was home at around 9:30pm with the windows open when I heard five shots. A few minutes later I heard sirens and the cops and an ambulance pulled up behind my place. They stopped just around a corner so I couldn't see what was happening but this morning's news said a 17-year-old was shot in the neck. Fortunately, he survived.

The shooting happened on a little side street that I walk down all the time - often after dark. It's weird cause part of me feels like I should be scared now. But most of me just thinks, oh well, that's the city for ya. Should I be concerned that I'm so jaded?

Anyway, props to the cops for the quick response. They were also out in force today questioning people. And on bikes, no less. How community is that? Hope they got some good leads.