I Heart Vinyl

Last weekend I rescued a Technics SL-D202 direct drive turntable and a Technics SA-222 stereo receiver from my parents' storage locker. I was pretty sure they had some old stereo equipment in there but who new it was such good shit?? The last two days were spent downloading manuals, cleaning, leveling, and installing a new Grado Black cartridge (yes, I'm an audio nerd now). It was certainly worth the effort cause the thing sounds fucking amazing! From now on, I'm all about the vinyl. Dangerous, considering there are four record stores between home and work.

Right now, I'm breaking the system in with a little Zepplin. All I'm missing is a black light, a beanbag chair and big fat joint.




Erin said...

Geez, audio nerd, crafting nerd, marble collecting nerd, cross-country skiing nerd. You're edging dangerously close to just plain nerd. Good thing you're one smokin' hot mama to balance it all out! :)

Anonymous said...

hey there - i found your post looking for info on the sa-222; i have that and a similar turntable with great speakers (I heard them on the guy's stereo before i bought) but my lps sound like CRAP. if i take them to an electronics repair place it'll cost about triple what i paid for them, so i'm wondering if maybe you could poiunt me in the right direction of some simple fixes? Otis redding awaits!!! my email is jeanpierreparent@yahoo.com