Vachstock '05

Best. Cottage. Weekend. Ever! Both the drinks and the bonfires were expertly assembled. Cheese omelet brunches melted into hot beach afternoons of sandbar frisbee, all with a steady background of guitar noodling. And Matt, Saira and I partied like locals at Vachstock '05 - the annual open-invite BYOB cottage-fest hosted by the Port Stanley elders (a.k.a. my parents' friends).

Vachstock 05_008b
We BYOB'd trailer park style - open glasses with ice.
(Mom was only slightly more conservative with
her Tim's travel mug of white wine.)

Vachstock 05_005
Hmm... two people, three drinks.
And I look like I've had enough already.

Vachstock 05_002b
Bring on Tongue n' Groove!