Summer of Rock

Saw another kick-ass rock show at Lee's last night - Oneida opening for The Constantines.

Oneida was loud and hilarious. The drummer was wearing a sweatband over his hair a la Royal Tenenbaums. They made a lot of sweet noise and talked a lot of crazy nonsense. Seriously, the keyboard player would talk between songs and I could understand all the words he said, it's just that none of them made sense together. Funny!

The Constantines brought the house down. They were so loose and noisy yet so tight at the same time. And the show was obviously a big homecoming for them. EVERYONE sang along. They were brought back out for two encores and during the second one a bunch of their friends jumped up on stage with them - like 40 of them. By the end it seemed like there were more people on stage than on the floor. You couldn't even see the musicians anymore.

What a show! It's Sunday night now and my ears are still ringing a little bit.