DIY Success

After a week and a half, four trips to Home Depot, two trips to Ikea and 50 holes in the wall (30 of them drilled into concrete) my shelves are finally up! Finally, my home is organized again and life can go back to normal.

Used MDF for the shelves, so they had to be prepped with
a stinky oil based primer.

Took four coats of black paint, both sides.
This is only the first coat.

After extensive hammer-drilling the track starts to go up.

Then the brackets - all 40 of them.

The worst part was when I began putting the shelves up and
realized that the
brackets, which were supposed to hold a 12" board, were actually 1/8" short.
I had to cut a little notch in the shelves for every single bracket.

But the end product was worth all the effort.

I have to say I felt kinda hardcore for taking on a such a big project on my own. Until I visited my sister to check out her latest DIY project...