She's Nubs!

Just got back from the NOFX show. Literally. I'm still half in the bag and having trouble typing. I hope this post is somewhat coherent.

After much speculation and discussion over the actual existence and location of Nubs, the truth was confirmed. Not only does she, in fact, live in Toronto (though according to the song, she doesn't like it) she was at the show and she is totally punk. Even saw her at the Bovine afterwards.

Imagine if your favourite band wrote a song about you... and then you got to hang out on stage while they sang it to you... and the whole audience sang along. It would almost make up for having no arms and no legs. Almost.

Don't really know what my point is, but...

She may not walk the walk, she may not like to talk, but boy does she know how to rock, she's nubs!