My New Baby


Check her out! She's my new 5.5lb bundle of joy. Isn't she pretty? But don't be fooled by her looks, this girl's got power. She'll drop your computer before he even knows what hit him. And with all the coolest toys - from her lightscribe disk drive to her ultra thin remote - she's the most popular kid on the block. Motherboards, you better lock up your sons 'cause this girl's got no wires to hold her back! I'm still just getting to know her but I can already tell that she's going to be my new best friend.


Anonymous said...

Get a life Jill. It's just a computer. Soon the novelty will wear off and you'll be lusting after a new gadget, then your beloved laptop will be collecting dust... Then it will get jealous of the new gadget.. and while you are at work it will start over-riding the system in your condo.. soon strange things will start happening to your other appliances... your microwave will have an affair with your stand mixer.. your mp3 player will become an mp2 get the drift..