Team Aberfoyle!

Saturday was the first big antique show of the season - Aberfoyle!

Mom, Kelly and I have been going for a few years and are now deeply set in our routine. We like to look at similar things, are well versed in each other's collections and move at the same pace. This has caused us to become very protective of our little team. We all have other friends who like to go antiquing. Not only do we not invite them, we strongly discourage any who try to invite themselves. (No offense, Laurie and Charlie - we always love bumping into you on the field.)

Laurie, Kelly, me and Mom

Crazy Canadian folk art


And the latest additions to my collection...



Erin said...

Move at the same pace! Ha! Don't you mean move at a snail's pace? *Jill picks up a small item. "Oh, look this is cute!" She turns it over, examines it from all sides, and sets it down. She picks up the next item, a mere half-inch from the first. "Oh, look at this!" and so on and so on. Erin is at home, thankful she isn't at Aberfoyle where she might have to gnaw off her own arm to keep from dying of boredom. * lol :) p.s. I had to look up gnaw in an online dictionary. I tried to spell it with a k. Man, I'm getting dumb! Stupid school is sucking every bit of non-psych related info out of my brain....