Bald and Proud

Today I met with a person that I hadn't seen in about a year. This man is obviously going bald and yet is in complete denial. What probably started as an illusory side part is now quickly progressing into a full-on comb-over.

Any time is see this sort of hideous hair-don't, I feel like grabbing the offender by the shoulders, giving him a shake and yelling, "Who do you think you're fooling!?!" So, just to make it clear to all the hair-challenged men in the world... YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE! We women know what a comb-over looks like and it does not look good. In fact, the only unattractive thing about balding men is the ridulous ways in which they try to mask thier baldness.

In contrast, when a balding man trims his hair short or even shaves it off altogether, not only does he look better, he's also making a statement. He's saying "Fuck you Society and your shallow preoccupation with shaggy, over-gelled hair. I'm bald and I'm proud!"

Now that's ballsy. THAT is the kind of man women want.


SOFingWHAT said...

Haa !!! My husband just started to loose his hair and I told him that he must promise one thing ... NEVER do the comb over . YUCK !