Legalize It!

I realize I'm not saying anything new here, but I feel the need to add my voice to the chorus of reasonable Canadians who feel that the killing four Mounties in Mayerthorpe, AB should NOT result in crack-down on marijuana grow-ops. We only need to look south of the border for evidence that the war on drugs only increases violence and organized crime. Throw away as much money as you like on policing, the war will never be won.

Besides, there are already millions of Canadians regularly enjoying pot without harm - aside from resin-stained fingers or the occasional burnhole in the carpet.

Forget decriminalization. Why don't we just legalize it already? The channel for government-controlled distribution already exists (liquor stores). They can tax the hell out of it without complaint considering we're already accustomed to paying the hugely inflated street value. Plus it would be an ideal replacement crop for all the BC loggers who lost their jobs due to the softwood lumber dispute.

What's the risk? America's threat of border delays? Don't kid yourself Dubya, the lines will be on both sides. We'll give a whole new meaning to "green" tourism.