Gotta Love That Internet

Without going into too much detail... I've been very excited about the Web lately. Blogging, RSS, Wiki - the whole democratization of the Web has got my juices flowing. See Darrell's End to Chaos for more musings on the subject.

And wherever you find free speech and creative thinking combined with DIY publishing, you know what is soon to follow... bad teenage break-up poetry! Here's a gem I found while randomly surfing blogs. Oh, to be so young and melodramatic.

Castle Come Undone

Wringing my hands
waiting for the end
Cringing from the shallow promise
we can still be friends

Suspecting deceptive comfort
in your searching touch
Your piercing daggered words
hurt me so much

Leave me here in misery
to quietly cry alone
Sweeping up the pieces
of my castle come undone

I will find peace and hope
my heart you cannot win
My trust renewed for another
I will love again


Anonymous said...

Hey, C'mon! That's a pretty good poem.