The Two Most Annoying Words on Television

"Seacrest, out."

Come on! Who does he think he is? It's like he's trying to sound all macho and military-esque in an over-and-out kinda way. And of course its a not at all subtle nod to his radio career, just in case anyone forgot he's the new Casey Kasem. (Just in case anyone cares?)

He's even got his own vanity Web site where you can look at pictures of him with all his celebrity friends and see his cameo in the latest Usher video. It would be the most pretentious, narcissistic thing I've ever seen online... if it weren't broken! Click on Newsletter and you can sign-up for latest on all things Ryan, but click on it from the Gallery page and you go to the old site. Too funny!


Erin said...

I'll still take him over cardboard man Ben Mulroney. Gack.

The Cure said...

two best words on TV:

Seacrest Die!

Paul said...

And the old Casey Kasem would be . . .?

Gillian said...

Thanks for the comment, Paul, but because sarcasm doesn't translate online, I honestly can't tell if you joking. In case you're being serious, I added a new link to my post. I feel really old now.