Plus-sized Piece of Crap

I was just getting my celebrity fix, watching ET, and they ran a story about an upcoming episode of CSI that takes place at a "plus-sized convention."

It was a piece of self-congratulatory fluff with the actors and producers patting each other on the back for being so progressive about weight issues and Jann Carl talking about the positive portrayal of women as though she invented feminism. Then, in the same breath she introduces the episode's lead as "plus-sized actress Debra Christofferson." Why not just actress Debra Christofferson? Why qualify it with plus-sized? Jann doesn't introduce Teri Hatcher as "stick-thin actress Teri Hatcher." The Academy doesn't have a Best Actress Oscar and a Best Plus-Sized Actress Oscar. And I don't remember ET ever referring to male actors in that way - you don't hear "plus-sized Cedric the Entertainer" or "full-figured Jack Black."

And as far as I can tell, the episode does little to positively portray real, size 14 women. It fetishizes fatness and marginalizes overweight women by removing them from the everyday world and placing them in the alternate reality of a plus-sized convention.

Fucking ET pisses me off!


Anonymous said...

....and we are everywhere...but not on television.